October 25, 2008

Weep From Above

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On October 17 this year I have seen many thing that I have never seen in may life. I was just walking around the neighbor hood. I saw people gathered around and there were people who were singing and dancing gospel music.

I was bored and decided to have a look at the crowed and I saw my friend work as a handcart boy and I talked to him to and he told me that he was looking for a man who was wearing a blue suit and a white cola shirt and it was at 8.30 at night.

It was nine o clock I happen to see the man who was wearing a white cola shirt and a blue suit I told my friend that I have seen that man, my friend went to him and the man was drunk and he started fighting my friend when I look at him he was the pastor and I was shocked.

I remembered that I heard a friend saying that man a will wear so nice and stand in front of people and speak well to you and make you listen to him and you will give him respect because of his advice.

The pastor went in front of the crowed and the many people were embarrassed by his behavior of the pastor. He started praying like he was with the Holy Spirit, people laugh at him including the members of his church.

I believed that only GOD who have the strongest eye to see what was going on and would have the weep to deal with the one who play with His word.

The hand cart boy was paid the money that he carried the church luggage, people were shocked by the pastor who was drunk and started preaching and playing with GOD word that will make GOD weep those who play with the word.


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