October 4, 2008

Running Away Will Never Help

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For the street is home to many of our brothers and sisters. You will find some from wealthy and poor families. Being beaten by someone is the major reason that makes children and youth come to the street.

We try to sort those problems out because you will find that children like the life of the streets and yet it is dangerous.

Speaking of the young children, we talk to them so that they can go to school because we are not able we take them to a center were they can sleep and eat at.

You will find someone in the street for ten years. The main thing they do is steal money or valuable things.

I try to convince my brothers and sisters those who did run away from home to go back and for those who did wrong to go plead for forgiveness.

Once, I did take a child home who was on the street for six months. His parents were worried because they had not seen him or heard of him since he ran away. They were grateful for me.
I do see that child on holidays and I do see that we on the street can help those who come to us. I am thankful to the organizations that are helping.

I want the Government of Kenya to fund the organizations to enable them to continue with the projects they are doing.


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