November 8, 2008

audacity of hope

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A boy lived arround the soweto slams were we used to play foot ball with him as we were watching the premier legue he used to say that one day he will come to be a  good player.

Time was going he did became a good player were the were the organization called m-y-s-a  saw him as atalented player and wanted to take him to europe they were plesed by the tac tics of the  boy.

AS hard work and execise never fail him people used to say he is agolden boy with the magic move.

THE day finally come that the boy was going to europe  people were plesed  and happy for the boy, was scared because he hard never been in to a plane.

THE day that he did retern it was a parties and video to see what he did in the soil of europe.

FANS did enjoy the way that boy did play he was called back to europe to play for a club were he started his carriea.

I take here as my role model for were he started to were he is now.


November 1, 2008

Precious Gift

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The most embarrassing was our on leaders who were bribing people and buying for them alcohol bang so that they can destroy people business burn cars youth are normally used the police were there to come the suction.

It’s time that people will have to think and not to be used by our politicians the investigation was done by waki the reports is yet to be opened the names that will been given will have to face justice.

 The people who did preach for peace and the politician musician pastor it was like message given by GOD to preach as you should know you should love brothers and sister help in any way you . 

I  find  something so precious that each of as truly do have money cannot buy last year election in Kenya up to this year February people in Kenya started fighting against one another. It was like a tribal and it was a big shame that Kenya is known as a peaceful country.

The president mwai kibaki and hon. Raila odinga came to the conclusion and decided to make a coalition government and toured around Kenya speaking of peace and love in the country.

If we love one another like brothers and sisters we will have to live in peace and respect one another.

October 25, 2008

Weep From Above

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On October 17 this year I have seen many thing that I have never seen in may life. I was just walking around the neighbor hood. I saw people gathered around and there were people who were singing and dancing gospel music.

I was bored and decided to have a look at the crowed and I saw my friend work as a handcart boy and I talked to him to and he told me that he was looking for a man who was wearing a blue suit and a white cola shirt and it was at 8.30 at night.

It was nine o clock I happen to see the man who was wearing a white cola shirt and a blue suit I told my friend that I have seen that man, my friend went to him and the man was drunk and he started fighting my friend when I look at him he was the pastor and I was shocked.

I remembered that I heard a friend saying that man a will wear so nice and stand in front of people and speak well to you and make you listen to him and you will give him respect because of his advice.

The pastor went in front of the crowed and the many people were embarrassed by his behavior of the pastor. He started praying like he was with the Holy Spirit, people laugh at him including the members of his church.

I believed that only GOD who have the strongest eye to see what was going on and would have the weep to deal with the one who play with His word.

The hand cart boy was paid the money that he carried the church luggage, people were shocked by the pastor who was drunk and started preaching and playing with GOD word that will make GOD weep those who play with the word.

October 4, 2008

Running Away Will Never Help

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For the street is home to many of our brothers and sisters. You will find some from wealthy and poor families. Being beaten by someone is the major reason that makes children and youth come to the street.

We try to sort those problems out because you will find that children like the life of the streets and yet it is dangerous.

Speaking of the young children, we talk to them so that they can go to school because we are not able we take them to a center were they can sleep and eat at.

You will find someone in the street for ten years. The main thing they do is steal money or valuable things.

I try to convince my brothers and sisters those who did run away from home to go back and for those who did wrong to go plead for forgiveness.

Once, I did take a child home who was on the street for six months. His parents were worried because they had not seen him or heard of him since he ran away. They were grateful for me.
I do see that child on holidays and I do see that we on the street can help those who come to us. I am thankful to the organizations that are helping.

I want the Government of Kenya to fund the organizations to enable them to continue with the projects they are doing.

September 27, 2008


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During the day time in the street, you will find some working street children and youth normally collecting recycled things that can be sold. Day time, for them, is spent working and/or begging, but when it be comes to night, there is trouble for them because they normally sleep on the street. But there are some youths that have rented a house in the nearest slums. Some even share rent. For the ones left on the street, finding some where to sleep is hard because of watchmen and police who normally beat them.

Many organizations in Kenya are trying hard to remove them from the street. The children are taken to school and youth are taught how to save money and to start a business.

July 29, 2008

Making A Living on the Street

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It is sun rise early in the morning. You must pray but for us there are those who pray and those who do not. We start walking on the street carrying a plastic bag.

The things we are looking for are scrap metal, plastic and papers. They are the things that make children and youth survive on the street.

There are youth that are able to pay for house rent from those things and there are those who share rent.

There are jobs that are done on the street like collecting garbage or removing it from plots. From that garbage is where the recyclable things are found. From collecting those things you sell them to people who buy per kilogram and you are able to get money and are able to afford your basic needs and save money.

People usually say we are crazy. But from the money we save, we are able to start our own business.

July 10, 2008

Respect, Love and Care

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In our base we love and care for each other. If I come with food, I share and treat the others like brothers. The special thing is respect, love and care among us. We would never let one of us sleep hungry.

For the little children who come to us on the streets, the first thing that they must do is sleep and eat, if there is food. In the morning, we question him why he is on the streets. If he is lost at night then he will have to sleep and in the morning we will have to take him to the chief.

If a person is sick, we care for them by giving them food and medicine. But if it is serious, it is up to us to seek help from an NGO. In our residential places we have people who work with NGOs and the government hospital in our area.

Respect, love and care among our brothers are the strongest things we have among us and because of that God will always bless us every day.

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